Frétec is designing projects in the range of small scale processing lines till complete and complex industrial plants.

But before a project is coming in the stage to decide what equipment is needed and who will supply the equipment we have first to finalise a detailed pre study and feasibility study.
A thorough preparation and project definition will be the base of the success of the project short term as well as long term.

Too often we see companies are starting realising projects without a thorough preparation. Consequences can be:

  • the project is economical not feasible
  • unforeseen exceeds of the budget
  • technical and technological problems

Based on our experience, Frétec has developed a special “Project Approach Method” which will be the base of the success of your project.
Frétec can be your partner before, during and after the project realisation.

Overview our services:

  • set up project drafts, project definitions, product and process descriptions
  • technological process design (P&ID), lay-out and floor plans
  • cost price calculations
  • preparing tender documents
  • judging tenders and quotations
  • project guidance
  • starting up processing lines and plants
  • operator training